Staff – Physiotherapists

IMG_4522Kristen McKerihan

B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy)
Physiotherapist, APAM

Graduating from the University of Sydney in 1998, Kristen has years of physiotherapy experience across a broad spectrum of medical services.

Working in the public hospital system at St George Hospital, Kogarah, Kristen worked with patients in acute post operative and rehabilitation units including orthopedics, ICU and neuro.

Following a year working in England in a fast paced outpatients environment, Kristen returned to Sydney and spent three years at St Mary’s Group West Rehab Centre. Working extensively with people in a gym setting and specialising in workers compensation cases, Kristen focused on prescribing and implementing detailed rehabilitation programs to assist recovery from both acute and chronic injuries, as well as post operative procedures.

Then for 11 years Kristen worked in a specialist Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinic  in Lane Cove. Working with patients of all ages to diagnose and manage their sports or work/posture related injuries as well as those recovering from surgery, Kristen focused on providing the most effective treatment for each condition.

Kristen moved to Forestville and opened Arthur Street Physiotherapy in 2013. She is a firm believer in treatment that is specifically tailored to the person experiencing the symptoms – no recipes, no bandaid solutions.

Working hard to understand an individuals’ presenting complaints, identifying why these symptoms may have developed and working through how to prevent the symptoms returning is fundamental to her treatment of all patients – with the ultimate goal of restoring function and for patients to be able to better perform normal activities of living whilst preventing recurrences.

Kristen’s very strong manual therapy base for treatment is used to address the presenting symptoms and is combined with exercises and client education.

Continuing to keep abreast of the latest training methods and research, Kristen has most recently trained in the Integrated Systems Model, the Sarah Key Method, the Mulligan Concept, Dry Needling Plus as well as extensive further education in core stability and functional rehabilitation.

Louise Paiti              

Louise is a registered physiotherapist with a holistic approach to wellness, developed in conjunction with yoga over the last 25 years between New Zealand, UK and Australia.

After graduating from Otago University, New Zealand in 1995, Louise began her career at Auckland Hospital, the countries’ largest teaching hospital. Experience in intensive care, cardio-thoracic, neurological rehabilitation, orthopaedic and outpatient departments provided a comprehensive and solid foundation within all Kields of Physiotherapy, under Specialist Clinicians. She began specialising in Musculo-Skeletal Physiotherapy after moving into an inner city private practice. After two years of valuable clinical experience, Louise moved to London for advanced professional opportunities.

During a decade in London, Louise completed many post-graduate courses including Polestar Pilates Teacher Training for Rehabilitation Series, acupuncture training, the Post-partum Rehabilitation course with Linda Joy Lee and Lumbo- pelvic stability course with Peter O’Sullivan. She completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy at Curtin University, Australia to further improve her manual therapy skills. In addition, Louise trained with Specialist Physiotherapists at London teaching hospitals including the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital on Harley Street.

The Kirst Kive years were as the in-house Physiotherapist for the Bupa Wellness Group in London, based at Goldman Sachs, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Morgan Stanley and Barclays Capital. This gave Louise Kirst hand experience in corporate wellness. Understanding the importance, not only in reducing staff illness and loss of productivity, but of supporting employees to operate at their highest potential, improving performance, bringing more energy, enthusiasm and vitality to their lives and work.

Key developments at scale were installation of standing desks, standing meetings and education on stress-management. Regular screen breaks and mini-exercise breaks were introduced during the day, counteracting the impact of sedentary work. Corporate Wellness and stress reduction continue to be passions for Louise.

The next Kive years were spent in a specialist Physiotherapy and Pilates clinic in renowned Harley Street, in close association with the London Spine Clinic. She focused on another passion, the assessment and management of spinal pain, especially lower back pain. In particular, the connection between the often quiescent hip joint and the comparably vocal lower back. Also the contributing factors which lead to dysfunction in this area including physical, emotional and psychological factors.

Louise has a holistic approach to wellness beyond Physiotherapy. She has been a yoga practitioner her entire career. She has completed over 1,000 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, enabling a more holistic therapeutic approach to her clients.

She incorporates many yoga elements into home programs, including yoga postures, breathwork, restorative practises and mindful meditation techniques.

Louise has had much success with this holistic approach. For many clients, it improved ownership over their own ongoing health and wellbeing. This is Louise’s goal for all her clients; empowering recovery from accidents, illnesses and injuries, while guiding them on a path to greater health and wellbeing.